People Say The Nicest Things...

July 2014


Thanks Charlene , The Baby Shower went perfectly  Rachel was a gem and looked after us all really well.  The room looked beautiful and Laura was delighted with the day. Thanks once again. Regards , Angela

Dear Christine, Marian, Charlene, Rachael, Dan and everyone who helped make my birthday so fabulous!

First of all, I'm so sorry for not sending this before now but, as I'm sure you can imagine, things have been a little bit crazy with sorting out after the party.  If any of you saw the hotel trolley that I had to borrow to get all my presents down to the taxi, you'll understand why it took me a little while to get everything sorted out and put away!
I want to thank you, though, for everything you did to make my birthday so special and so amazing!  I know that not everything went to plan but the party was still perfect!  The room looked amazing - my mum described it as looking like a magical, fairytale grotto, and I agree.  It was fabulous!  Everyone raved about the food - Rod Davis of the Quarrymen said that they eat out at banquet-type meals a lot and that was the best meal that he'd ever had, and he wasn't the only one who said that.  Overall, it was a fabulous night, and I will never, ever forget it.
I am so very, very grateful for how hard you all worked to make my birthday and my party perfect and magical, and it really was.
Thank you all SO much!
Donna x


June 2014 

Dear staff,  My brother and I paid for my Dad to stay at your hotel as a Father's Day gift. He's a huge Beatles fan and has never been to Liverpool. As he's just been diagnosed with terminal lung, brain and stomach cancer, we knew it was 'now or never'.
I forewarned reception that he was coming and couldn't believe how wonderful the gentleman I spoke to was. So compassionate and promised me that Dad would be taken care of. From then on, things got better and better. Dad was treated like a king. He said that he felt like the staff were his friends and were so friendly and relaxed, calling him Graham and allowing him to call them by their first names.
He said that the hotel was spectacularly clean, the breakfasts were amazing and the hotel was beautiful... We knew this because we stayed ourselves a few years back.

So this is a massive 'Thank you' from us... You made my Dad VERY happy. you've given him the experience of a lifetime and at this point in his life, that's priceless. We'll be booking soon with a group of friends, so I can thank you all in person. It means a lot. Cheers,   Sarah, Duncan, David And Dawn Parker. Xxxx


Good Morning Charlene,

I've been meaning to email you to thank you but after I recovered from Friday I was back in work!

Thank you so very much to yourself and all the staff for such a fantastic night!

I was so impressed with everything and that the staff honestly couldn't do enough for us.

We had such a fantastic time and I was so pleased I chose Harri's bar to celebrate my husbands 30th.

The food was amazing too so please pass that on to the chefs.

Thank you so very much and look forward to seeing you soon for future events.

Carly x