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May 15,2014


Hard Days Night Hotel has become the first hotel in the North West to provide PowerTV ONAIR In the hopes of offering guests a heightened experience.

The ingenious technological advancement, which has been installed in every bedroom at the award-winning hotel, will enable visitors to truly personalise their environment throughout their stay.

Unlike previous television sets, the state-of-the art PowerTV ONAIR generates user interactivity on a whole new level – allowing guests to view a diverse entertainment system, which consists of television and films, continuously updated content surrounding local events, real-time news and weather bulletins and access the internet.

General Manager Mike Dewey said: “As we are the first hotel in the North West to present the high-tech system, we are extremely excited to see the public’s response.

“We are always looking for new and innovative ways to truly connect with our customers - therefore we are delighted to be able to offer a system that certainly goes above and beyond. From being able to link up mobile devices such as iPhones and iPad, to being in control of the room’s climate, guests are now given extensive latitude.”

Another great benefit of the user-friendly technology is its communication capability, which is ideal for corporate guests.  As a result of the free mobile link up, both business travellers and residents can upload their content onto the system, and then share it effortlessly amongst their constituents.

Additionally, in order to meet specific customer requirements, the hotel managers have the authority to alter and filter the system’s facilities. Bespoke apps can also be formulated to offer niche and tailored material.

Mike added: “We hope that the ground-breaking entertainment and communication tool will be highly regarded and utilised amongst our visitors. As well as amplifying our offerings to leisure and business guests, the new system will ultimately future-proof our hotel, which will help us to withstand our global interest and prominent reputation.”

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