About your Environmental Policy

Hard Days Night Hotel is committed to being an environmentally responsible and eco friendly hotel; we are making steady progress on achieving the highest grade in 'Green Tourism'. We have been presented with a Silver award from the Green Tourism Business Scheme - further details on meeting this criteria can be read here.

We seek every opportunity to incorporate a 'green' attitude in front and back of house in all aspects of work.

Some of the eco-friendly things Hard Days Night Hotel is doing at the moment are:

  • Recycling all paper, wood, glass, bottles and food waste
  • Hard Days Night Hotel publish seasonal menus which contain in season fruits and vegetables with meats sourced locally
  • Using local businesses when tendering for contracts
  • Hotel lighting technology ensures low 'mood' lighting which reduce wasteful energy
  • Programmable thermostat in guestrooms to reduce energy waste
  • Using water efficient taps and shower heads to reduce waste
  • No chemicals are used in room cleaning due to microfiber cleaning system

We have a Green Committee in place here at the Hard Days Night Hotel which is a member of staff from each department working together on green issues and implementing environmental policies.

Some of the goals for this current year are:

  • Promoting environmentally friendly purchasing products i.e.: Fair Trade
  • New LED lighting to cut energy costs
  • Encouraging staff to walk or use public transport when comutting to work
  • Guests opting to have their towels changed or not to reduce waste of water during laundry process
  • Supporting a 'paper free' office back of house

Hard Days Night Hotel is totally committed on making all our goals realistic and achievable. We are striving to be totally efficient and un-wasteful and focused on continuous improvement.

We encourage all guests who choose to stay at the Hard Days Night Hotel to take a little time and think about the environment during their stay, maybe turning off lights when they not required and also considering using the cities excellent public transport facilities to get about.